As an Aeroplan member, you have access to a world of travel possibilities through Air Canada and its partners. However, navigating the program to find the most valuable redemptions and sweet spots can be a daunting task. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this guide, we’ll show you how AwardFares simplifies this process, and share expert tips on how to search for and book award flights that offer the best value for your hard-earned miles. Start turning your Aeroplan miles into unforgettable travel experiences!

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What is Aeroplan?

Aeroplan is Air Canada’s frequent flyer program (Canada’s largest airline). Members can earn miles through various activities, such as flying with Air Canada or its Star Alliance partners, using Aeroplan-affiliated credit cards, booking hotels and car rentals, shopping at participating retailers, and more. Miles can be redeemed for a wide range of rewards, including flights, hotel stays, car rentals, vacation packages, merchandise, and gift cards.

If you are curious like us, Aeroplan was originally launched in 1984 as a division of Air Canada and later became a separate company. In 2020, Air Canada reacquired Aeroplan and integrated it back into the airline’s operations.

How Much Are Aeroplan Miles Worth?

As with any other frequent flyer program, the value of Aeroplan miles varies greatly depending on how they are redeemed. As a general rule of thumb, Aeroplan miles are worth between 1.2 and 2.5 USD cents per mile when redeemed for flights, but this value is not fixed and can fluctuate based on various factors such as the route, cabin class, demand, and redemption type.

When redeeming miles for Business or First Class flights, you may get a higher value per mile compared to economy-class redemptions.

Aeroplan Award Chart Sweet Spots

In 2021, Aeroplan has moved to a dynamic pricing model for its reward flights, which means that there isn’t a fixed award chart with set redemption rates. This makes it more difficult to find good redemptions. However, there are still some sweet spots where you can get great value from your Aeroplan miles.

Here are ten examples of such routes:

1. North America to Europe in Business Class

Look for flights with low taxes and fees, such as those operated by Swiss or Turkish Airlines. This can offer exceptional value for your miles, especially on longer routes.

North America to Europe in Business Class on Aeroplan (using AwardFares).

2. North America to Deep South America

Redeeming miles for flights to countries like Argentina, Brazil, and Chile can provide good value, especially when flying in Business Class.

North America Deep South America on Aeroplan (using AwardFares).

3. Intra-Asia flights

Redeeming miles for flights within Asia, particularly on carriers like EVA Air or ANA, can offer a great value for shorter routes in Business or First class.

Intra Asia Flights on Aeroplan (using AwardFares).

4. North America to Australia or New Zealand

Finding availability can be challenging, but redeeming miles for Business or First-class flights to Australia or New Zealand can yield excellent value! Pro tip: Be specific in your searches and you might have a better chance of detecting awards. Remeber you can also set up alerts!

North America to Australia or New Zealand on Aeroplan (using AwardFares).

5. North America to the Middle East or North Africa

Routes to destinations like the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Morocco can offer good value. There are multiple Star Alliance partners that oprate these routes, so availability is often decent.

North America to Middle East or North Africa on Aeroplan (using AwardFares).

6. Domestic short-haul flights within Canada

Aeroplan can provide good value on shorter domestic routes within Canada, especially when cash fares are high.

7. Short-haul flights within Europe

We typically don’t recommend redeeming miles on short-haul flights, but during some weeks or seasons the cash fares can be incredibly high, and miles can helpy you save a ton of money. For short-haul flights on Star Alliance partners within Europe.

Short-haul flights within Europe on Aeroplan (using AwardFares).

8. Flights within North America

The award chart for flights within North America is quite decent, and availability has been historically good if you need to get that last-minute seat!

Intra North America Flights on Aeroplan (using AwardFares).

Aeroplan Chart Within North America [Air Canada (Partners)]

Distance Economy Premium Eco Business
0 - 500 6k-10k (6k) 10k-20k (NA) 15k-25k (15k)
501 - 1500 10k-15k (10k) 15k-25k (NA) 20k-35k (20k)
1501 - 2750 12.5k-17.5k (12.5k) 20k-25k (NA) 25k-60k (25k)
2751+ 17.5k-25k (22.5k) 30k-45k (NA) 35k-70k (35k)

9. North America to Asia

Redeeming Aeroplan miles for flights to Asia on carriers like ANA or EVA Air can offer exceptional value in both Business and First Class. Try filtering out by cabin type when searching on AwardFares.

North America to Asia on Aeroplan (using AwardFares).

When Does Aeroplan Release Award Seats?

Air Canada Aeroplan releases award seats a year in advance (365 days). Read more about when different programs open award space in our ultimate guide here.

How To Find Aeroplan Sweet Spots In 2024

Easily Identify Available Aeroplan Awards

AwardFares can help Aeroplan members quickly find available award flights by scanning partner airlines’ inventory, saving time and effort, instead of searching on Aeroplan’s website individually.


Aeroplan users will find it very simple to set up alerts on AwardFares, for specific destinations, travel dates, and cabin classes. This way, members receive notifications when reward seats become available, increasing their chances of securing the perfect flight.

Advanced Search Options

Filtering down results with AwardFares is just a matter of clicks. Search for non-stop flights, preferred airlines, and specific layover cities. It’s easy to tailor searches for award flights according to preferences and travel needs.

With the recently introduced features, users can now search across all airports in a metropolitan area such as Toronto by just typing YTO.

AwardFares Advanced Search Features with Aeroplan.

Route Suggestions

AwardFares can suggest alternative routes or layover cities, helping you find more availability or better redemption rates. This feature is particularly helpful when searching for complex itineraries or during high-demand travel periods.

AwardFares Route Suggestions Features with Aeroplan.

Timeline View

AwardFares provides an award calendar feature that displays availability for a range of dates, making it easier for Aeroplan members to plan their trips and identify periods with better award flight options.

Bonus: Find Emirates Awards

Emirates recently became a partner airline of Aeroplan (December 2022), and even though redemption rates can be all over the place, there are also some sweet spots in their award chart, such as Chicago to Dubai in Business or First Class, and other routes to Asia.

With AwardFares, it’s easy to identify available award flights on Emirates. Simply filter by program Aeroplan, airline Emirates, and then Cabin (e.g., Business and First). You will see all the available seats in a matter of seconds.

Find Emirates availabilty using Aeroplan miles with AwardFares.

Aeroplan Awards on Emirates (one-way)

Distance (miles) Economy Business First
0 - 2000 15k - 35k 30k - 77,5k 65k - 175k
2001 - 5000 21k - 65k 45k - 140k 110k - 325k
5001 - 9000 40k - 85k 80k - 185k 225k - 475k
9001 - 12000 60k - 110k 120k - 225k 300k - 600k
12001 85k - 150k 180k - 300k 400k - 750k

Aeroplan Award Chart (2024)

Aeroplan Award Chart (2024).

Check the complete and updated Aeroplan award chart on Air Canada’s website.

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