We’re thrilled to announce the rollout of some great new features that we know you’re going to love! As we continue to innovate and improve our platform, we had the chance to incorporate some of your feedback in this new version of AwardFares.

New Providers: American and Alaska

This is a big one. AwardFares now supports American AAdvantage and Alaska MileagePlan programs! Users can perform searches under both programs by simply selecting them on the (now improved) FFP picker.

American AAdvantage and Alaska MileagePlan now available on AwardFares.

Both programs are now visible on the availability view after performing a search. Just click on a flight to see more details on the available seats for each class and program.

Search American AAdvantage and Alaska MileagePlan availability using AwardFares.

This is a long-awaited feature: users can now search metropolitan areas! There are several big cities in the world that have multiple operating airports, such as Tokyo, New York, and London).

You can now search flights to all airports in a particular city by using a city code. For example, find all flights to Tokyo (HND and NRT) by using TYO. Similarly, find flights to all New York City airports (e.g. EWR and JFK) using NYC, to all London airports using LON, etc.

Click to try!

Search Metropolitan Areas using AwadrFares.

Improved Frequent Flyer Program Picker

The Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) field is now a primary search field, which makes it easier to interact with, and more clear when performing searches, as we grow into more frequent flyer programs. Users can still perform searches across program, just as before, by tapping on the drop-down menu and adding those.

New frequent flyer program picker on AwardFares

The FFP selection is required, unless performing a broad search (e.g. Europe-Asia). By the way, AwardFares will remember your selection for your next session, so there’s no need to re-select the programs on new sessions.

As AwardFares incorporates more features, we are also slightly adjusting what’s included in our Gold and Diamond tiers. From now on, Gold members will be able to search up to two programs at a time, and Diamond members will get to search unlimited programs simultaneously.

Search limits on AwardFares Gold and Diamond (April 2023).

Bonus: First-class Search With SAS EuroBonus

We’ve improved the way we find first-class availability with SAS EuroBonus. Our algorithm now sources data from other frequent flyer programs to better estimate the number of available seats, when that information is not directly available from SAS.

Note: keep in mind that the estimation is informative and does not guarantee available seats.

New First-class Search Using SAS EuroBonus Points.

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