We’re glad to finally release a couple of new features that we’ve been working on for quite a while! Today we’re releasing three brand new features:

  1. Seat Map Integration
  2. Improved Seat Map Lookup Tool
  3. Brand new Flight Availability Tool

Seat Map Integration

AwardFares now has direct seat map integration in the search results. You are now able to check flight seat maps directly from within AwardFares, instead of having to use a different service.

When you find a flight, click the Seat Map link a load up the real-time seat map for that flight, right beside the existing seat map annotations and links to SeatGuru.

Available seats are green, blocked seats are yellow, and occupied seats are displayed as red. There are some other features as well, which we will cover below.

Seat Map Lookup Tool

Seat maps are also available as a separate tool, which can be accessed from the new Tools menu available when you’re logged into your AwardFares account. You will need have a Gold or Diamond subscription to access the new tools.

The new seat map lookup tool supports every major airline (not just Star Alliance), and seat characteristics are also available by hovering over a seat.

It is also possible to distinguish between forward and backward facing seats, indicated by the thick line (representing the seat back).

Note that the old Seat Map Checker tool is still available for free here on our blog, with a limited number of searches per day.

Flight Availability Tool

Last but not least, we have a brand new Flight Availability tool. This tool enables you to search flights by route and check availability by booking class for flights.

Checking booking class availability can be useful in some situations where you might want to see how many tickets are for sale in a specific cabin class.

Bonus: Award Release Dates

We’ve also added a handy link in the new Tools menu to our Ultimate Guide to Award Release Dates.

More Tools…

Be sure to keep an eye on the new Tools menu, as we will be working on adding more tools to the collection in the future!