Easily check airline seat maps. Note that seats marked as blocked (yellow) are usually reserved for status passengers.

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Here are some tips for why and when to check seat maps:

Make sure your flight has a good seat available

Before choosing a specific flight to book it can be worth checking the seat map to see if your favorite seats are available. On many long-haul flights there are usually certain seats that are preferable, for example, bulkhead seats or exit row seats.

Move to a better seat before boarding

An increasing number of airlines now allow you to change your seat prior to boarding. Usually the best way to do that is by using the airline’s own app to manage your booking. Using the seat map checker is the fastest way to keep an eye on what seats are available.

Check if you received a seat block

Some carriers will offer seat blocks to status passengers. For example, when a SAS EuroBonus Gold or Diamond member chooses their seat, the system may automatically block the seat next to them, preventing other lower tier passengers from choosing that seat. This is a fantastic perk since it gives you a lot more personal space on the flight, especially when travelling in economy.

Unfortunately this is never a guarantee though. A seat block may disappear at any time, for example if the flight is full or someone may get allocated the seat at check-in or boarding. However, with the seat map checker you can at least check if received a seat block.

Check how full a flight is

Just because there are many available seats doesn’t mean that the flight isn’t full - especially when you are checking the seat map before the check-in time has started. Many travellers may not have had to chance to select their seat, for example because of how they bought their ticket or because the airline charges for it. Therefore those passengers may have their seats allocated at check-in time. Even so, checking the seat map for a flight can be an indicator of how full a flight is.

Bookmark a flight

Tip: You can bookmark the search page after making a search so you can easily re-check it later (your search is saved in the url!)

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