AwardFares is the easiest way to search and find your next free flight using points or miles. In just a few clicks and with a modern user interface, you can search award availability across multiple frequent flyer programs, setup alerts, lookup seat maps and flight schedules.

In a similar way, is a travel hacking tool that helps you find the best ways to use your points and miles, and has been growing in popularity. While both platforms have their merits, there are specific differences that are worth mentioning.

In this guide, we delve into the 5 key differences between AwardFares and

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What is is an online search tool designed to assist users in finding the best use for their travel reward points or miles. It aims to simplify the process of award travel booking by showing users how they can leverage their points across various frequent flyer programs. also offers a forum and a concierge service that can help book award flights and hotels.

The New York-based startup was founded in 2019 by their CEO Adam Morvitz and president Tiffany Funk. In September 2023, has raised $10 million in Series A funding led by Thayer Ventures.

AwardFares vs. Key Differences

1. Simplified User Interface

AwardFares is all about simplicity. The platform has been designed with a user-first approach, prioritizing a clean and intuitive interface. For users who want quick answers without wading through unnecessary details, AwardFares provides a straightforward experience. Color-coded charts and clear graphics ensure that even beginners in the miles game can understand at a glance.

AwardFares Home Page (2023)

In addition, AwardFares has been meant for mobile from day one. It doesn’t compromise the intuitive searches nor the beautiful user interface when going mobile, and you can even install it on your phone.

AwardFares Mobile App

2. Top-Notch Alert System

When you’re planning for that dream trip and need to catch the best award seat once it becomes available, AwardFares doesn’t disappoint. Their alert system is robust, allowing users to set up specific notifications for routes, ensuring they never miss an opportunity. The immediacy and accuracy of these alerts give AwardFares users a definite advantage.

AwardFares Alerts

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3. Simple Pricing

AwardFares’ subscription-based model means users know exactly what they’re getting into. The free version offers a taste of the platform’s capabilities, while the premium versions unlock more features. This clear, tiered system allows travelers to choose exactly what they need without surprises.

AwardFares Pricing Tiers:

  1. Basic (free): award calendar, award map, journey planner, hourly availability on award seats, and award release dates tool.
  2. Gold (USD 9.99): award search, award calendar, award map, journey planner, hourly availability on award seats, 5 seat alerts, 100 custom searches per day, max 7 searches at once, award availability count, search with stops, per-program availability, cabin annotations, seat maps, award release dates, and flight schedules tool.
  3. Diamond (USD 19.99): award search, award calendar, award map, journey planner, real-time availability on award seats, unlimited seat alerts, unlimited custom searches per day, max 30 searches at once, award availability count, search with stops, per-program availability, cabin annotations, seat maps, award release dates, and flight schedules tool.

AwardFares Pricing

4. Free Trials And Better Insights

Yes! You can try any AwardFares package for 24 hours before committing, to get a taste of the extra features.

In addition, beyond just notifying about available seats, AwardFares goes the extra mile (pun intended) by offering users insights and trends in the world of award travel. Whether it’s peak seasons to avoid or sweet spots in miles redemption, AwardFares ensures its users are equipped with knowledge to make strategic decisions. This focus on not just providing data, but actionable insights, sets the platform apart.

AwardFares Alerts

5. Journey Planner

One of the most amazing features is the Journey Planner. This powerful feature lets you unlock itineraries to your dream destination, by planning multiple segments in a quick and convenient way. In just a few clicks, users can select add or remove legs, find connections within 24 hours, duplicate journeys, and see the itinerary on a map.

AwardFares Journey Planner

AwardFares Journey Planner Map View

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6. Blog and Free Resources

At AwardFares, we spent significant time crafting state-of-the-art guides and updated resources with what our users are looking for. The best flight redemptions, per-program sweet spots, tips to build perfect award trips, and feature deep-dives are available on our amazing blog and monthly newsletter.


Both AwardFares and offer travelers the tools to unlock the best of award travel. However, for those who prioritize a direct user interface, consistent alliance data, a top-notch alert system, clear pricing, and valuable travel insights, AwardFares is a cut above the rest. Whether you’re a seasoned miles collector or just starting out, it’s always good to have AwardFares in your toolkit. Happy journeying!

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