Alaska Airlines claims it is revolutionizing the way its Mileage Plan members can redeem miles for award flights, introducing a new, streamlined award chart system set to take effect in March 2024. This overhaul simplifies the previously complex and varied award pricing, making it easier for members to understand and utilize their miles across Alaska’s extensive network of partner airlines.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming changes and what they mean for travelers. Remember you can search for Mileage Plan awards with AwardFares. In just a few clicks, you’ll see available seats across different dates, partners, and destinations!

Mileage Plan Changes in March 2024.

Key Changes to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Unified Distance-Based Award Charts

Alaska Airlines is transitioning to a distance-based award chart system. This new framework categorizes flights into three geographic regions: the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), as well as the Asia-Pacific region. Within these regions, the miles required for an award flight will depend on the distance flown and the class of service. This is a significant shift from the previous model, which users loved but also where award pricing varied widely among partners.

Simplified Redemption Rates

Award flights will now start at just 4,500 miles for short-haul trips under 700 miles in the Americas, making some flights more accessible. For example, a flight from Dallas to México will require as few as 7,500 miles in Economy Class. The new charts hope to provide clearer guidelines for members, and also make redemption rates more consistent across all partner airlines.

Enhancements and Flexibility

Alongside the new award charts, Alaska Airlines is introducing several member-friendly updates. Members can look forward to more combinations and flight cabins available for redemption, allowing for a broader range of travel options. Additionally, Alaska plans to maintain its generous stopover policy, offering travelers the chance to explore an extra city for up to 14 days en route to their final destination.

Mixed Reactions

While Alaska Airlines claims the new award chart will reduce the miles required for 60% of nonstop partner routes in Economy and 64% in Business Class, some routes will see a price increase (in miles).

Long-haul flights on LATAM covering 4,001 to 6,000 miles will jump from 45,000 to 50,000 miles. Meanwhile, Cathay Pacific’s coveted awards from the U.S. to Hong Kong will see significant increases in all classes.

Additional Program Updates

Alaska is also promising increased partner award inventory, new partner award sales with special pricing, and upcoming flexibility to combine flights from two partner airlines in a single itinerary. These changes aim to enhance the Mileage Plan’s attractiveness and utility for members.

Mileage Plan: The New Partner Award Charts

These are the new values for partner award prices starting in March 2024.

The Americas

Distance (miles) Economy starting at Premium Economy starting at Business starting at First starting at
Less than 700 4,500 6,000 9,000 13,500
701–1,400 7,500 10,000 15,000 25,000
1,401–2,100 12,500 17,500 25,000 40,000
2,101–4,000 17,500 22,500 35,000 52,500
4,001–6,000 25,000 32,500 50,000 75,000
6,001 and above 30,000 40,000 60,000 90,000

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Distance (miles) Economy starting at Premium Economy starting at Business starting at First starting at
Less than 1,500 7,500 10,000 15,000 22,500
1,501–3,500 22,500 30,000 45,000 67,500
3,501–5,000 27,500 35,000 55,000 82,500
5,001–7,000 35,000 45,000 70,000 105,000
7,001–10,000 42,500 55,000 85,000 130,000
10,000 and above 55,000 72,500 110,000 165,000

Asia Pacific

Distance (miles) Economy starting at Premium Economy starting at Business starting at First starting at
Less than 1,500 7,500 10,000 15,000 22,500
1,501–3,000 25,000 32,500 50,000 75,000
3,001–5,000 30,000 40,000 60,000 90,000
5,001–7,000 37,500 50,000 75,000 110,000
7,001–10,000 42,500 55,000 85,000 130,000
10,000 and above 65,000 85,000 130,000 195,000

Some of Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan non-oneworld partners (for earn and redeem) include Aer Lingus, LATAM Airlines, STARLUX Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air Tahiti Nui, and Icelandair, among others.

Alaska Mileage Plan Partners (Non-oneworld).

Award Chart on Alaska Airlines

From Contiguous US including Alaska and Canada to Economy starting at First starting at
Contiguous US, Alaska and Canada: less than 700 miles 5,000 15,000
Contiguous US, Alaska and Canada: 701–1,400 miles 7,500 25,000
Contiguous US, Alaska and Canada: 1,401–2,100 miles 10,000 25,000
Contiguous US, Alaska and Canada: 2,101 miles and above 12,500 30,000
Hawaii: all distances 15,000 40,000
Mexico, Central America and Caribbean: all distances 10,000 30,000

And for Miles and Money:

Contiguous US including Alaska and Canada Economy
50% discount up to $100 10,000
50% discount up to $200 20,000

To read the full announcement and program changes, go here.

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