We are happy to announce that now it is possible to perform searches with AwardFares without and account! Previously, users needed to register to the platform to be able use the tool.

The newly introduced anonymous search functionality lets users test out AwardFares search engine, visualizing cached results, without the need to create an account or registering.

The search is limited to one frequent flyer program and displays results as a list. To apply filters such as airlines, cabins, stops, or use the Map/Journey features, users still need to log-in.

In addition, we added a 24h free trial period of our premium tiers, which is a great way to get familiar with all the features before committing.

How to try AwardFares without an account

  1. Go to AwardFares Search.
  2. Select your Frequent Flyer Program.
  3. Choose Origin and Destination city or area.
  4. Done!

AwardFares will show you the available seats both in Timeline view and as a list. The anonymous mode also works when performing broad searches (e.g. Europe to United States).

Timeline view without an account.
Timeline view without an account.

Trial vs. Basic: what’s the difference?

Both the free trial mode and our Basic tier are free, but there are some limitations if you don’t create an account. Here’s the full list

Feature Anonymous Search Basic Tier
Number of FFP 1 1
Filters No Yes
Per-cabin availability No (greyed out) Yes
Map View No Yes
Journey Planner No Yes

More updates

In addition to the free-trial mode, we’ve rolled out the following updates:

  • Broad searches that don’t produce any results fall back to a smaller region or city. The goal is to provide useful results quickly.
  • 24h free trial period.

Get started, and stay tuned

You can create an account and start using AwardFares today. Even upgrade for free for 24hs. We are rolling out new features and improvements regularly, so sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of the latest news, announcements, and pro tips!

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