Lufthansa is one of the world’s leading carriers, with access to nearly 1,300 destinations worldwide, an extensive global network, and high-quality service. It is a very reliable alternative, especially when you are flying premium cabins such as Business and First Class. As a founding member of Star Alliance, it’s possible to book Lufthansa flights from other frequent flyer programs, such as SAS EuroBonus.

Historically, there have been many EuroBonus sweet spots on Lufthansa, including good redemptions on Lufthansa First Class, and low fuel surcharges and fees on Business Class. But what’s the status in 2023?

In this post, we cover why SAS EuroBonus is still a great program when redeeming award flights on Lufthansa, and a step-by-step guide to finding and booking Lufthansa flights with EuroBonus points using AwardFares.

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Example Lufthansa Award Flights - Right Now!

The lists below are updated in real time and show you the available award seats for the next 30 days on some of the major partner airlines using your EuroBonus points.

Lufthansa First Class With SAS EuroBonus Points (Top Long-haul Routes)

Lufthansa Business Class With SAS EuroBonus Points (Top Long-haul Routes)

Lufthansa Economy Class With SAS EuroBonus Points (Top Lonh-haul Routes)

Why is SAS EuroBonus great for redeeming awards on Lufthansa?

There may be several reasons why you might find SAS EuroBonus to be more beneficial for redeeming awards on Lufthansa flights.

  1. Award Availability: SAS EuroBonus members sometimes have access to greater award availability compared to Miles & More. This is especially true for business class awards on Lufthansa.
  2. Lower Fuel Surcharges: Another significant advantage can be the fuel surcharge imposed on award tickets. In some cases, the surcharges may be lower when you book through SAS EuroBonus compared to Miles & More.
  3. Better Redemption Rates: SAS EuroBonus may offer better redemption rates for certain flights, particularly on partner airlines like Lufthansa.
  4. Star Alliance Network: Both airlines are part of the Star Alliance network, so you can earn and redeem points across a wide range of airlines, not just Lufthansa and SAS.
  5. Flexible Points Earned: EuroBonus points can be earned in a variety of ways, not just from flying. You can earn points from hotel stays, car rentals, and everyday purchases if you have a co-branded credit card.

How To Find Lufthansa Flights With EuroBonus Points

1. Create an AwardFares account and log-in

Go to AwardFares’ sign-up page and create an account. You’ll need to enter an email address and a password.After completing the form, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account. Once the account is activated, you are ready to start searching!

2. Select SAS EuroBonus as your Frequent Flyer Program

On AwardFares homepage, you will see a Frequent Flyer Program Picker (FFP). Tap on it and select EuroBonus. This will only perform searches and show you award seats available using EuronBonus points.

Filter award flights on SAS EuroBonus in AwardFares

3. Filter out by Airline

Tap the Airline filter and select Lufthansa to avoid seeing results from other airlines.

Filter Lufthansa award flights in AwardFares

4. Select the Route

If you already have your departure and destination city, you can add those under the Where From and Where To fields. Once you do so, you will be able to see a Timeline.

Select destination in AwardFares

If you have flexibility on the routes, AwardFares is powerful as Google Flights. It lets you explore options available by performing what we call broad searches. You can see available flights by selecting only departure, arrival city, or regions. For example, you can explore all flights from Europe to the United States by simply typing those regions.

Lufthansa Award Flights using SAS EuroBonus points in AwardFares

6. Filter out by cabin (optional)

Using the Cabin filter you can select First Class Only. This will remove all other cabins, such as Economy, Premium Economy, and Business, and just show you seats available in First Class.

Filter award flights by cabin in AwardFares

Note: Lufthansa partner redemptions are restricted to 14 days in advance for First class and 85 days for long-haul business. If you are curious about how early Lufthansa releases award seats, check our guide here.

7. Confirm availability on SAS website

Once you have selected the options, you can double-check the availability on SAS website with your own account, searching for the exact same flights and dates you found using AwardFares.

8. Set-up alerts (optional)

If you don’t see available seats on a given flight and date you are interested, don’t worry. Seat availability changes daily, as airlines release those seats on short notice. AwardFares has an alert feature that monitors the flights you want and notifies you via email once/if they become available.

To set up an Alert, just tap on Alerts > Add Alert > and fill out the required information, such as route, dates, passengers, cabin.

9. Done!

Simple, huh? AwardFares, lets you see all the available flights on Lufthansa ready to be booked with SAS EuroBonus points. Keep in mind that most flights you can book directly on SAS website through the Star Alliance award portal. To book certain cabins, such as First Class or Premium economy, you need to call the service center.

Remember that some of the features and limits are improved if you upgrade to a Gold or Diamond package.

What we love and don’t about Lufthansa

Here are some of our pros and cons of flying with Lufthansa

Pros Cons
Consistent on-time performance Long-haul Business Class seats are still 2-2-2 instead of 1-2-1
Wide network of destinations Inconsistent service quality
Modern fleet Long flight times
Still flying 747 and A380 Can be crowded
Frankfurt and Munich are easy to connect High cash fares

Best Frequent Flyer Programs to Redeem Lufthansa Awards in 2023

At AwardFares we love all frequent flyer programs, but we also need to stay on top of the game, understanding how award charts change over time and identifying the best redemptions so you can make the most out of your points.

When redeeming Lufthansa awards, here are some of our favorite picks

  1. Miles & More: This is Lufthansa’s own frequent flyer program. It often provides the most extensive availability for award seats, especially for First Class tickets and flights operated by Lufthansa.
  2. SAS EuroBonus: As discussed earlier, this program might offer better redemption rates and lower fuel surcharges on certain flights.
  3. United MileagePlus: United’s program often offers good availability for Star Alliance award seats, including on Lufthansa. Its interactive award chart can make it easier to find and book awards. Recently, United has removed its traditional award chart and moved to dynamic pricing, but it remains a solid option for Star Alliance redemptions.
  4. Avianca LifeMiles: Avianca’s frequent flyer program has competitive redemption rates for Lufthansa flights, and often does not add surcharges on award tickets. This can make it a cost-effective choice for redeeming Lufthansa flights.
  5. Air Canada Aeroplan: This program offers competitive redemption rates for flights on Star Alliance airlines, including Lufthansa, with a zone-based award chart. However, note that fuel surcharges may be added to Lufthansa flights.

Regardless of the program you choose, AwardFares can help you understand the available seats at any time, and even alert you when a given route or cabin opens.

Get started and stay tuned.

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