More breaking news (under development) on the SAS front. It looks like it’s no longer possible to book flights on Thai Airways with EuroBonus points. After United was disabled in March, the EuroBonus portal now fails to book redemptions with Thai.

Several users have reported the same issue, which was confirmed via SAS on the support line. This issue must be very recent, given that our cached data shows the most recent seats on Thai from yesterday.

Is this the beginning of the end of Star Alliance partners in EuroBonus?

UPDATE April 3, 2024: Seems the awards are showing up again, see here.

Thai Disappears from EuroBonus Bookings (What We Know)

As of this morning, Thai flights are no longer showing up on the SAS EuroBonus portal. However, we still see a ton of fresh results in our cached data from yesterday.

SAS EuroBonus breaks ties with Thai Airways.

Here’s an example of a flight from Copenhagen (CPH) to Bangkok (BKK). However, when we refresh the search, it disappears.

Copenhagen to Bangkok with Thai Airways using EuroBonus points.

This flight also doesn’t show up on the Star Alliance search in the EuroBonus portal.

SAS EuroBonus breaks ties with Thai Airways.

UPDATE: Temporary Glitch?

Looks like award flights on Thai Airways are being restored. We still see a difference (fewer seats) compared to the data we had yesterday. It might have all been a temporary glitch from SAS IT, related to fixing ‘ghost availability’, as it happens with Ethiopian and Turkish sometimes.

In our example above, we see the flight was restored, and now the SAS portal show seats available.

SAS EuroBonus restores Thai Airways redemptions.

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