STARLUX Airlines, the rising Taiwanese career, is moving full-speed-ahed with their ambitious plans to strengthen its foothold in the U.S. market. After launching extremly successfus flights from Taipei to Los Angeles earlier this year, today the airline announced they are expanding to San Francisco.

Starting from December 16th, STARLUX will operate flights from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to San Francisco International Airport (TPE-SFO). While these flights will initially operate three times a week using their state-of-the-art Airbus A350-900 aircraft, the frequency is set to increase, with daily flights expected by March 2024.

The airline’s CEO, Glenn Chai, highlighted the strategic significance of this move. San Francisco, with its proximity to Silicon Valley and its role as a major hub in politics, economy, and tourism, presents an attractive destination for travelers. Moreover, given that a significant portion of San Francisco’s population is of Asian descent, Starlux sees a golden opportunity to cater to a diverse range of travel needs, from family visits to business trips.

But STARLUX plans to the United States don’t stop there. The airline has already hinted at further expansion plans, with Seattle being touted as its next American destination for 2024. This upcoming route aligns well with the partnership with Alaska Airlines that we’ve covered before.

It’s clear that Starlux Airlines is keen on establishing a strong presence in the United States, and with its top-notch service, the future looks exciting for frequent travelers that are keen on trying these routes and cabins.

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TPE-SFO: Seats Already Available

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As you can see below, the new route to San Francisco is already bookable through Alaska Airlines’ website. As of today, there’s availability during December in all classes.

STARLUX new route to the US: Taipei to San Francisco.
STARLUX new route to the US: Taipei to San Francisco.

How To Search STARLUX Award Flights Using Alaska Mileage Plan

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