Although 2023 is almost ending, our team is still working full-thrust to deliver convenient new features every week. This time, we are completely revamping our Journey Planner experience, allowing you to work on multiple journeys in parallel and share journeys with friends and family via URL (even to anonymous users!).

What’s New?

New UI

We’ve redesigned our Journey Planner’s experience to be even more intuitive and user-friendly. The top bar now displays more options.

New UI of the Journey planner.

Work on Multiple Journeys at Once

It’s now possible to work on multiple journeys at once! Tap on the first button (Journey List) to see your active/saved journeys and switch between them.

List of journeys in AwardFares.

Create New Journeys

Tap on New to start working on a new Journey:

Create a new journey.

Immediately after, you will see a new empty journey under your list of journeys:

Empty Journey in Journey planner.

Share a Journey

This new feature becomes extremely handy when organizing a trip with a group. It helps evaluate different options while seeing exact information, such as flight numbers, dates, and cities involved.

Once you are ready to work on an itinerary, tap on Share to get a unique link you can send to friends and family.

Empty Journey in Journey planner.

They will see a summary of your itinerary and a map when opening the link.

Empty Journey in Journey planner.

Use the Copy URL button to recover the unique link URL anytime.

Copy journey URL in AwardFares.

Unshare a Journey

If you ever want to stop sharing your itinerary, tap on Unshare.

Empty Journey in Journey planner.

Copy to Clipboard

The legacy Copy to clipboard option is still there if you want to paste it into a note and have it at hand when calling a service center or just save your trips on the side.

Remember you can also paste it back into AwardFares into a new journey.

Copy journey into clipboard.

Journey Planner: The Full Guide

Check our complete tutorial here (Journey Planner).

New Journey Planner experience in AwardFares.

More Improvements: New Alliance Filter

It’s now possible to filter results by airline alliances, including One World, Star Alliance, and SkyTeam.

Tap on Airlines, and the options will appear at the top of the list.

Filter by Airline Alliance.

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