SAS is promoting their Airbus A350 Business Class with a new campaign! Starting today and on selected Fridays until February 2, 2024, they will fly with the flagship A350 between Stockholm and Copenhagen. It is a unique opportunity to experience SAS Business Class. Buy a Plus ticket and get a Business Class seat for your booking.

The great news is that these seats are also available using EuroBonus points! Here’s how to search for availability using AwardFares. Hurry up; seats will run out soon.

Happy booking!

Copenhagen to Stockholm non-stop on the A350.

SAS A350 Business Class (Copenhagen to Stockholm)

When searching on AwardFares, we see plenty of seats available, not only in Business Class but also in all other cabin classes, including Economy (SAS Go) and Premium Economy (SAS Plus).

Copenhagen to Stockholm non-stop on the A350.


We’ve seen 2-3 round-trip flights scheduled for every Friday until February, except for January 5, 2024. It’s unclear if they will release seats for this day later, but if you are interested in any other dates, book ASAP.

Copenhagen to Stockholm non-stop on the A350.


These awards are available for 10k points in Economy and 15k points in Business/Plus, one-way (20k and 30k round trip, respectively).

Copenhagen to Stockholm non-stop on the A350.

You can book directly on SAS website.

Copenhagen to Stockholm non-stop on the A350.

How to Search for Awards on the A350 with AwardFares?

  1. Go to AwardFares.
  2. Under Frequent Flyer Program, choose SAS EuroBonus only.
  3. Tap on Airline and select SAS only.
  4. Under Departure city, type Stockholm and Copenhagen.
  5. Do the same under Destination, type Stockholm and Copenhagen.
  6. Under Equipment, add Airbus A350-900.
  7. Choose a date, or use the Timeline view to explore flights for different dates.

When choosing a date, remember that these flights are scheduled for Fridays until February 2, 2024. That’s it! You will see the full list of results below.

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