We’re making some adjustments to the pricing of AwardFares (only affecting new subscribers), but are have also released some useful new features that are available now to all Gold and Diamond subscribers.

New Pricing from September 15th, 2020

Starting September 15th, 2020 we will be increasing the price of new AwardFares Gold subscriptions from $4.99/mo to $9.99/mo. The price of the AwardFares Diamond plan will remain unchanged ($19.99/mo). At the same time we will also stop offering yearly plans and from now on only offer monthly plans.

These changes only affect new subscriptions. Any existing subscriptions will keep their original price and plan.

If you’d like to take advantage of the current AwardFares Gold price (or a yearly plan discount) then you have until September 15th, 2020 to start a new subscription!

We’re making it easer to book SAS awards using AwardFares. Clicking the Book button directly in AwardFares will take you directly to the booking process for that specific flight and cabin on the SAS website so you don’t need to search for the flight again.

Alerts Airline Filter

Another new feature we’ve introduced is the ability to filter alerts by airline. Choose the airlines you want to fly with and we will only notify you when award space becomes available on the selected airline(s).

More Coming Soon

We have several other big features that we hope to launch soon to our Gold and Diamond plans. These features will make it much easier to find more award options, especially for more complex routes. However, we’re waiting for the current travel situation to improve before releasing these. Stay tuned!