Lufthansa currently offers First Class with 3 different aircraft types on 34 routes (22 from Frankfurt and 12 from Munich). Most routes are quite consistent, but some changes do occur so it can be difficult to keep track them. Here’s an updated list of all routes as of July, 2019.

  • Boeing 747-8
  • Airbus A380-800
  • Airbus A340-600


Frankfurt (FRA) serves 22 destinations with First Class:

Destinations (and aircraft type):

BLR (747-8)
BOG (A340-600)
BOS (747-8)
DEL (A380-800)
DTW (A340-600) <-- NEW!
EWR (747-8)
EZE (747-8)
GRU (747-8)
HKG (A340-600)
HND (747-8)
IAD (747-8)
IAH (A380-800)
JFK (A380-800, 747-8)
JNB (747-8)
LAX (747-8)
MEX (747-8)
MIA (A380-800)
ORD (747-8)
PEK (747-8)
PVG (A380-800)
SFO (A380-800)
SIN (A380-800)

Airport codes:


Routes list:



Munich (MUC) serves 12 destinations with First Class:

Destinations (and aircraft type):

BOS (A340-600)
DEL (A340-600)
EWR (A340-600)
HKG (A380-800)
JFK (A340-600)
LAX (A380-800)
MEX (A340-600)
ORD (A340-600)
PEK (A380-800)
PVG (A340-600)
SFO (A340-600)
YVR (A340-600) <-- NEW!

Airport codes:


Routes list:


Business Class in First Class cabin

First Class cabin is also available on other routes occasionally. However, in these cases the first class cabin is used as business class and no first class service is offered.

VIE (A340-600) <-- Summer (Mon/Tue)
LIS (A340-600) <-- Summer (Mon/Tue)
NGO (A340-600) <-- Saturdays

These can be found using ITA Matrix and filtering by aircraft type (aircraft t:346).

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