KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is ramping up for a big addition to its fleet this coming August – the Airbus A321neo. This new aircraft is not just a step up for KLM but a leap forward when it comes to eco-friendliness and passenger experience.

What’s New with KLM’s Airbus A321neo

Scheduled to start operations on August 26, 2024, the Airbus A321neo will fly from Amsterdam to European cities like Stockholm, Berlin, and Copenhagen. With a capacity of 227 passengers, this plane is a key part of KLM’s strategy to upgrade its fleet for more efficient and sustainable air travel.

One of the most notable features of the A321neo is its environmental friendliness. Equipped with Recaro seats, the aircraft aims to cut down fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by as much as 15%, aligning with global sustainability efforts.

KLM A321neo flights will launch in August 2024.

New Livery

UPDATE (Feb 14th, 2024): KLM revealed further details about the new aircraft’s livery and interior. The airline will start operating the first of a total of around thirty A321neos in August.

KLM A321neo New Livery.

Seats and Cabin

In collaboration with Recaro, KLM’s A321neo will sport a unique seating arrangement. The front of the cabin will have the BL3710 model seats, and the rear will feature the SL3710 model, striking a balance between passenger comfort and flight efficiency.

KLM plans to include a Business Class section (a.k.a. Eurobusiness Class) in these aircraft, providing business class travelers with more space and privacy, a perk especially appreciated on shorter flights.

The introduction of the A321neo is part of a broader initiative by the Air France-KLM Group. In 2021, the group placed an order for 100 aircraft from the Airbus A320neo family, highlighting their commitment to a more modern, sustainable fleet.

KLM A321neo Recaro BL3710 seat. KLM A321neo Recaro sL3710 seat.

KLM A321neo Seatmap.

Booking Flights With Flying Blue

As we see using AwardFares, there’s plenty of availability to book flights on KLM’s A321neo using Flying Blue miles (and even Delta SkyMiles too); even on the inaugural flight!

Flying Blue availability on KLM A321neo .

Flying Blue availability on KLM A321neo .

How to Search for Awards on the KLM A321neo with AwardFares?

  1. Go to AwardFares.
  2. Under Frequent Flyer Program, choose Flying Blue.
  3. Tap on Airline and select KLM only.
  4. Under Departure city, type Amsterdam.
  5. Do the same under Destination, type Stockholm, Copenhagen, or Berlin.
  6. Under Equipment, add Airbus A321neo.
  7. Choose a date, or use the Timeline view to explore flights for different dates.

When choosing a date, remember that these flights are scheduled to start on August 26th, 2024. That’s it! You will see the full list of results below.

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