We’ve added the possibility to filter for specific flight numbers (Or parts thereof) when searching. For example, let’s say you want to take a trip on the famous Island Hopper flight across Hawaii. If you just search for the route, HNL-GUM you will find both direct flights as well as the Island Hopper.

However, by adding a filter for UA132 you will only see the flights which take the scenic route.

This also makes it easier to see what’s going on if a friend sends you a link to a specific flight, such as UA132 on the 20th of October using the Share button.

Persistent Journey

You may have noticed that the journey you saved wasn’t saved across multiple devices before, I’m happy to tell you that this is no longer the case! The journey is now stored along with your user which means that whatever device you pick up, the journey will be the same. This means that you can pick out your perfect trip on your phone in bed and pick up your computer the next morning to call and make a reservation.

The journey will also continue to show departed flights, so that flights don’t disappear unexpectedly.