Recently we noticed that EuroBonus award availability can differ depending on which “point of sale” (country) you are searching from. Depending on which version of the SAS website you access you will search availability for a different point of sale.

For example, searching ARN-BKK on Nov 6 on the Swedish site there are no awards available on the Thai Airways direct flight. However, award space is available when searching from other countries. These can be booked online but the taxes/fees will be charged in a different currency. Alternatively you can also call and book these tickets, but you may have to explicitly tell the agent that you found the availability using a different country (presumably they have to change PoS in their system).

For the vast majority of searches the award availability seems to be consistent across all points of sale. However, at the time writing this post, we have noticed some other routes where the availability differs. For example:

How to access the other sites

The easiest way is to simply change the country code in the URL:

How this affects AwardFares

We noticed that generally the UK site seems to show the best availability, so this is what AwardFares currently uses. In the future we may add more countries so that we can offer the best possible coverage.

If you notice any other examples of this, let us know!