We’ve built a simple tool that helps you analyze and forecast your SAS EuroBonus activity. Simply import your point activity from your EuroBonus profile. All calculations are performed directly in your browser. Your data is kept private and is not uploaded/processed by our servers.

  1. Log into SAS My EuroBonus
  2. Scroll down to “Activity”
  3. Click “Export to Excel”
  4. Drag the downloaded Excel file to the box below
  5. Enter your current EuroBonus “Points for Use” balance
Drag and drop your exported activity here!

Point History

Your point accrual and spend history during the past 12 months.
Your balance changed by 0 points during this time.

Point Categories

Your point activity by category during the past 12 months.

FlyPremium Forecast

Your FlyPremium status forecast for the next 12 months.
Your current FlyPremium balance: 0
Your current FlyPremium status:

Point Activity

Date Extra Base Description FlyPremium