Aeromexico Rewards, Aeromexico’s loyalty program, gives you access to a wide range of travel destinations. However, with the constantly changing award prices, figuring out how to get the most out of your points can be a bit tricky. This guide is your BFF for getting the most out of your Aeromexico Rewards points with AwardFares. We’ll share our top tips for finding and booking award flights to get the best value. Let’s get started!

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What is Aeromexico Rewards?

Aeromexico Rewards is the frequent flyer program for Grupo Aeromexico, designed to reward travelers with flights and benefits. By joining for free, you can earn points towards flights, upgrades, and access to exclusive airport lounges. You can accrue points by flying with Aeromexico and their partner airlines, or through everyday purchases. Essentially, Aeromexico Rewards allows you to turn your travels and everyday spending into future travel opportunities.

Things you need to know about Aeromexico Rewards in 2024

  • New Level System: Aeromexico Rewards introduced a new level system in 2024. There are now four tiers: Socio (Member), Plata (Silver), Oro (Gold), and Platino (Platinum). Qualification is based on points earned or flight segments flown in a calendar year. Each level offers increasing benefits, including bonus points on flights and free checked luggage.
  • Earning Points: Aeromexico Rewards members can earn points by flying with Aeromexico, Delta, and other SkyTeam airlines, using Aeromexico co-branded credit cards, and staying at partner hotels.
  • Redeeming Points: Points can be redeemed for flights on Aeromexico and SkyTeam airlines, flight upgrades, and other travel rewards. There have been recent promotions offering discounts on points needed for flights, including a 50% discount on select routes in Premier Class on Rewards Day (April 9th) and a 25% discount on select World Tour routes in Economy Class.
  • Keep an eye out for Sales: Aeromexico offers periodic sales throughout the year, including their recent Venta Azul sale (April 15th-22nd). These sales can be a great way to save on flights booked with cash.
  • Points Expiration: Aeromexico Rewards points expire after five years of inactivity.

How to find the Best Aeromexico Rewards Flights (Step-by-step)

1. Go to AwardFares

Creating an account is optional, but it’s also free, and it gives you access to more features. Make sure to sign up here.

2. Select the Frequent Flyer Program

In the Frequent Flyer Program picker, select Aeromexico Rewards.

Select Aeromexico Rewards in AwardFares Frequent Flyer Program Picker.

3. Add a Route(s)

In the From and To fields, enter your departure and arrival airports. In the example below, we search for flights between Mexico City (MEX) and Amsterdam (AMS).

Select the origin and destination city in AwardFares.

4. Explore Travel Dates

If you have a particular date in mind, add it by tapping on the Calendar field.

Select the desired date to find Flying Blue Award Flights in AwardFares.

Then, AwardFares will search for available flights on that day, showing the results in a list below.

Search results for award flights on AwardFares (List View).

In addition, you can use the Timeline View to explore the availability for multiple days simultaneously if you don’t have a set travel date. The bars show different classes in different colors.

Search results for award flights on AwardFares (Timeline View).

5. Sort by Price

A great advantage of AwardFares is that it lets you easily sort and filter results intuitively and with just a few clicks. This way, you can explore the cheapest and most convenient options and find the best deals for your reward flights.

On the result list, tap on the different header columns to sort the results by price. Use the Eco, Prem, Biz, and First class tags to find cheap awards across multiple dates, itineraries, and airlines.

Sort Aeromexico Rewards by price with AwardFares.

Plus, use the Max Price pill to set a maximum number of miles for the reward flights you are searching.

Search results for award flights on AwardFares (Timeline View).

5. Add more filters (optional)

Try filtering out by cabin class (e.g., Business Class, First Class), number of stops (e.g., nonstop), number of passengers, aircraft type, or even flight number!

6. Book with Aeromexico

Once you find your desired flight, click the Book button.

AwardFares redirects you to Aeromexico website to book Aeromexico Rewards awards.

AwardFares will redirect you to Aeromexico’s website to complete your booking without the need to re-enter your search criteria, as it will be pre-populated.

AwardFares redirects you to Aeromexico website to book Aeromexico Rewards awards.

Why is AwardFares the easiest way to find Aeromexico Rewards Award Flights?

Aeromexico Rewards offers amazing travel opportunities, but searching for award flights can be time-consuming. Here’s where AwardFares comes in - it simplifies your search across routes, dates, and partner airlines, all at once. Find your dream Aeromexico Rewards flights in seconds, without manually checking the Aeromexico website.

Advantages of using AwardFares:

  1. It is free. You can use AwardFares to search for award availability without having to create an account or pay a fee. You can upgrade to get more features, such as monitoring and alerts, or higher search limits.
  2. Easy to use. Our interface is modern and simple, it makes it easy to find award availability and understand the results. You can enter your departure and arrival airports, your travel dates, and your class of service, and AwardFares will display a list of flights that are available to book using Aeromexico Rewards points.
  3. Use it on-the-go. It works perfectly on the phone, letting you find new flights, plan journeys and set up alerts while you are on the road.
  4. Real-time results. AwardFares finds real-time availability, showing you the latest and most up-to-date results.
  5. Alerts. Couldn’t find the seat you were looking for? Don’t panic. Set up an alert and AwardFares will notify you via email or push notification as soon as seats become available.

Become an Aeromexico Rewards Pro

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With our Gold and Diamond tiers, you can access premium features such as unlimited daily searches, alerts, seat maps, flight schedules, and more!

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